Health Check

Health Check

Is Your PC Running Slow ?

Health Check

Then You Need A Health Check.

health check

This service is ideal if you are finding your computer, laptop or tablet is running slow.
Internet browsers have stopped working or you are experiencing annoying ‘Pop Up’ messages.

Our software will determine the areas that need improving or cleaning within your laptop or computer desktop.

For a low price we will pass our software through your system to seek out and remove any unwanted residents.
Going through the system again, manually removing any folders and registry entries that have been left behind completed the clean.


  • Hard Drive Defragmentation
  • Windows Updates Completed
  • Unwanted Toolbars Removed
  • Internet Browser Correction
  • Customer Antivirus Software Check

In the rare event we are not able to complete a satisfactory clean then the course of action would be to restore the pc back to its original factory settings.
This would not be done without prior discussion and agreement.


Our clean up service usually takes between 4 & 8 hours to complete.
Some other companies may be quicker than us and may charge less but we know you cannot do a thorough clean quickly.
Simply running an antivirus program does not constitute being called a ‘clean’, that is merely a ‘dusting’.

For professional computer cleaning and in depth health checks, call PC Academy Leyland today and lets bring your pc back to life.

Hard drive doctor

Hard Drive Issues:

Depending on the age of your computer we may carry out a hard drive test to determine if the hard drive has any issues.
You may think the hard drive is ok because your pc switches on and boots to desktop, however, a pc running slow can be due to a hard drive that is failing.

Other companies may ignore the fact the hard drive has an issue and continue with the clean.
We would never do this to a customer as we believe in being upfront and honest.

Data Backup:

As a result of testing your hard drive we may do a precautionary backup of your data.
Please remember to have a backup of any important data as a hard drive can fail without warning.

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