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Ransomware Demands – Browser Warning Messages – Remote Access Scams

PC Academy in Leyland are experts in the removal of remote software, virus infections & browser corruption repair.

We penetrate the hidden areas of the registry and program files to seek out and destroy all traces of an infection.

Just running an antivirus scan will not always be good enough.

Annoying pop-ups, scam web pages asking you to phone a company, error messages and loud beeps are all common when you have an infestation.

  • A quick cheap clean will not provide a long term solution.
  • Our professional software carries out 5 different full system scans to remove all infestations.
  • We complete internet & browser checks to delete unwanted IP’s.
  • Manual removal of registry entries & program files completed.

virus issues

Why Don’t I Just Have My Hard Drive Formatted ?

Yes, formatting the hard drive would remove all virus issues.

However, it also means you would have to backup your data and re-install all the software you use.
This is fine if you can find all the relevant install discs, download information & your passwords.

I bet you never thought of that !

PC Academy Leyland would only suggest a full hard drive format in the extreme case that a clean could not be completed.

Prior to a format we would discuss any data you need backing up or software you need re-installing.
We would not carry out the format procedure without speaking to you 1st and that’s a promise.

Professional Virus, Spyware & Malware Removal Service – Only At PC Academy

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Possible Signs Of Infection Are:

  • The browser homepage keeps on changing.
  • Loud beeps sound when you go online.
  • You can’t get off a web page without ringing a company.
  • Pop-up advertisements appear.
  • Applications and programs are unable to function correctly.
  • Your PC is slow or hanging often.
  • You keep receiving error messages.
  • Opening or closing programs seems slow.
  • Passwords of your accounts have been altered.
  • Someone is moving your mouse remotely.

Contact PC Academy Leyland for help if you are experiencing any similar issues.

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If your PC or laptop is running slow then consider our ‘Health Check’ service to breathe new life into your computer.